Custom Embroidered Guidons

Information About Our Embroidered Guidons:

Embroidered Cavalry Guidon Custom Framed With Nameplate, Rank, And Unit Crest

Example of a custom designed Cavalry guidon with objects and nameplate. The frame is the most popular military style.

We are custom picture framers and we incorporate embroidered guidons into designs with items for sale in our e-commerce store and for use in our custom picture framing operation.

1. All branches of the Military have a guidon that can be customized.
2. We only sell single-sided custom embroidered guidons for display in our shadow boxes or picture frames.
3. There are four different sizes of custom embroidered guidons available. These are: 7”W x 5”H, 12”W x 9”H, 20”W x 15”H, and 28”W x 20”H.
4. Each standard guidon is made from cotton and or nylon blended fabrics. These fabric blends provide the smoothest presentation within the frame. Simply put, these blends lend thenselves to the best looking framed guidon possible.
5. As part of the guidon information requirement, a customer must provide the exact numbers or letters for the top, left, and bottom of the guidon insignia. Please provide this information on the checkout page. We need this information so the guidon will be embroidered correctly according to your specifications.
6. If you desire a guidon different from the standard military design, then a setup charge of $20.00 is required to digitize the requested custom design.
7. We do not make or sell regulation guidons. Nor, do we make guidons for sale, other than for inclusion into the framing designs either on this website or for the custom framing designs authorized and approved by the purchaser.

Listing of Guidons By Category With Links To View & Shop The Different Designs & Categories

If you have ANY questions about our guidons, framing design, or the embroidery process, please contact us by email at or by phone at 912-757-5885. Or, feel free to come into our shop (Cindy’s Custom Framing & Antique Art) in Richmond Hill, GA and discuss it with us.