Gallery – Framed Guidon Examples

Guidon Examples – Examples of Custom Framed Guidons

Framed guidon examples – custom framed guidons and guidon sales are the focal points of our online business. This website was created to promote guidon sales and to offer high-quality custom framed guidons. Some of the custom embroidered guidons in this gallery were furnished by us and framed by us. The other guidons were furnished by our customers and then framed by us. Many prospective customers have requested to see examples of framed guidons. Since this is a common request, we decided to publish this gallery of custom framed guidons. Please enjoy the diverse collection of framed guidon examples.

We Can Modify Any Of The Framed Guidon Examples

If you see an example of a guidon frame design on this page that you wish to have customized, please contact us. We will modify any of our guidon frame designs to meet our customers’ requirements.  The same holds true for any of the guidon designs in the e-commerce section.

A Summary of The Framed Guidons Examples Above

Thank you for visiting our gallery of completed framed guidon examples. The custom framed guidon designs in this section were initially created for active-duty and retired military customers. Some of these framed guidon examples were created as PCS gifts. Framed guidons make great PCS gifts. This is especially the case when a guidon includes items framed with it that have an emotional attachment to a command. We have framed guidon displays that are essentially shadow boxes with mementos reflecting a deep attachment to the soldiers and officers who served together. Other framed guidon examples in this gallery were given away as retirement gifts. Finally, the framed guidon examples in this gallery were created by the soldiers to remember their career—or a significant military campaign, where men and women sacrificed together for a cause or a mission they believed in.

Throughout the years, our guidon framing customers have requested countless design variations. Guidon framing is one of our specialties. And we believe that our quality is demonstrated in the framed guidon examples throughout this gallery.

Framed Guidon Examples – Customized Guidon Framing Designs

A number of factors influence guidon framing designs. Some of these factors include: the color of the guidon, the mat colors, the object colors, the number of objects included in the frame, the size of the guidon, the size of the nameplate, if pictures are included in the design, matching the color of the frame to the objects or the guidon, and if large objects are included in the design. These factors are illustrated with examples of framed guidons in this gallery.

Examples of Framed Guidons – Size variations

Throughout the Gallery Of Framed Guidon Examples, we showcase a diverse collection of guidon framing designs. The examples in this gallery include objects (medals, patches, insignias, crests, etc.) framed with guidons. The number of objects included in a typical guidon frame depends upon the size of the guidon. For instance, examples in this gallery feature regulation size (28” x 20”) framed guidons that include as many as seven, eight, or more openings for objects beneath and around the guidon. Some of the framed guidon examples in this gallery feature large regulation size guidons that easily accommodate three objects in its swallowtail area. Some of these guidon examples with items in the swallowtail area also include four or five more items, and a nameplate beneath the guidon.

Smaller Size Framed Guidon Examples

This gallery also features a number of small or miniature (mini) size guidon examples. Smaller guidons offer less space in a frame to place objects. This means restricting the number of items in order to produce an artistically acceptable framed piece. Adding too many items makes the design for the small guidon appear out of balance. For example, a small 7” x 5” guidon would lack symmetry if fifteen items were stacked beneath it in the frame. The guidon would get “lost” at the top of the frame. The examples in this section feature smaller guidons that are appropriately balanced with the right number of objects.

Doubling Up On Small Framed Guidons

However, there are ways to “juice up” the power of a small guidon’s visual appeal and include additional objects in the frame. Namely, a second guidon can be added to the frame. This gallery illustrates examples of two or more guidons placed in a frame with objects. We often frame two or more small guidons together in the same frame. Usually, this design is selected when the completed project is presented as a retirement gift. Often the retiring soldier has served in a number of memorable units. So, it is a common practice to use two small guidons that represent the most memorable units. You will find examples of multiple framed guidons that include unit patches, rank insignia, unit insignia, challenge coins, and a custom nameplate in this gallery.

Framed Guidon Examples – Mat Colors Vary With Design Objectives

What colors go well with a guidon? Often the colors depend on the guidon and the items being framed with the guidon. Examples of framed guidons with different mat colors vary throughout this gallery. A common rule-of-thumb when framing guidons is to incorporate the colors of the guidon into the mat colors for the design. For instance, we have guidon examples that feature the Infantry Guidon framed with navy blue and white mats.

Texture in Mat Colors – Infantry Guidons Are A Prime Example

Adding texture to a mat’s color is another example of a customer’s preference. Some of our clients prefer guidons framed with dark, silken mats. Infantry guidons typically fall into this category. Using a silken mat instead of a paper mat offers the benefit of adding texture to the design. Silken and linen mats tend to simulate the texture of the guidon. So when a guidon is framed with a silken mat, it appears as if cloth extends over the top of the mat. The most common color association you’ll see in this gallery is the similarity between the top mat’s color and the predominate color in the guidon. You will see examples of that color combination in this gallery—with silken or linen mats matching the guidon’s colors.

Secondary Color Considerations

Typically, the second mat (or more often the middle mat) will match the secondary color in the guidon. At other times, the objects framed with the guidon scream for colors to pay attention to them! If a notable object is framed with the guidon that is deemed of higher importance than the guidon, then colors are used to influence the eyes and direct them toward the most important object first. Prime examples of this are the Aviation Guidons. Open V-grooves are used with Aviation Guidons to create symmetry—effectively balancing the guidon with the objects in the frame.

Completed Examples Provide A Starting Point For Designing A Custom Guidon Frame

The different designs in this gallery represent different things to different people. It would be a dull world if all of our customers wanted the same framed guidon design! Our designs have ranged from miniature designs, to very large projects restricted only by the size of the glass we could put over the frame! We are delighted to work with our customers to help them design a guidon frame that:

  • Captures their personality
  • Emphasizes the importance of a command
  • Provides a reflection of a career
  • Provides a gift of gratitude
  • Provides a premium PCS gift
  • Creates a memorable retirement gift
  • Creates a commemorative collection of memories

We hope the examples in this section offer insights into custom guidon framing ideas. All of the examples in this section can be easily modified. They are variations of the designs in our e-commerce section. If you wish additional or larger objects framed with a guidon, we can accommodate those designs as well in a shadowbox.

Contact us with any questions you may have about the examples, or request a quote for a similar project’s pricing. Contact us by phone (912-756-2781) or use our contact form.