Custom Frames For Shadow Boxes And Military Themes

Providing Custom Frames For A Diverse Client Base

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We are Cindy’s Custom Framing & Antique Art. And we specialize in custom frames–specifically providing custom picture frames and custom-built shadow boxes in addition to the standard picture frame designs listed on this site.

We have operated a successful retail picture frame shop in Richmond Hill, GA since 2006. At the heart of our picture framing success are three key elements: Our commitment to high-quality picture framing, and our policy of only using conservation framing materials and techniques. These elements separate us in many ways from our competition as we have illustrated in our Pricing Policy page.

Offering Custom Picture Frames And Military Shadow Boxes

A large segment of our custom frame shop business focuses on designing custom frames and custom shadow boxes for military customers. The e-commerce store was initiated as an added service to our civilian and military custom picture framing customers. Offering pre-configured guidon framing options is an expedient way to offer guidon framing services without the need to physically visit our shop. The products offered in the e-commerce store evolved from requests from our military customers purchasing framed guidons. Simply put, the guidon options and designs available in the e-commerce store offer our online customers a simplified way to purchase framed guidons. The designs in our online store historically represent the most frequently requested guidon framing options by our military customers.

Expanding Beyond Simplified Framing Designs

Custom Frames Begin With A Computer Design For The Mat Layout

Custom Frames For Shadow Boxes, Framed Guidons, Military Art, Flag Display Cases, Military Awards, Medals, and all custom framing projects begin on a computerized mat cutting program

Looking for a custom picture frame? We admit the simplified selections of framed guidons in our online catalog do not fulfill the design requirements for every customer. The standard guidon design packages sold on this site are not a perfect “fit” for every guidon or shadow box customer. Many of our military framing customers request that we place additional objects inside custom frames, flag displays, and shadow boxes. Typically, customers want additional combinations of photographs, distinctive unit insignias, medals, badges, coins, awards, diplomas, and certificates added to their custom shadow box or guidon frame. In addition, they often request military memorabilia that includes combat spurs, knives, and deployment mementos to be incorporated into the custom framing design with other items.

Popular Custom Picture Framing and Shadow Box Framing Options

What is a custom picture frame? Defining custom framing is simple: Provide a unique design that is made-to-order for a specific customer. Quality custom picture framing includes conceiving an aesthetic design that fulfills the customer’s vision for artfully and tastefully displaying their art or memorabilia. Then custom framing involves mat cutting, frame construction, glass or acrylic cutting, placement of objects, and finally the assembly of all the components utilizing conservation framing materials and techniques.

Custom Frames are assembled after a thorough inspection

Custom Frames are assembled after a thorough inspection—Close up illustrates the design elements of triple mats, an open V-groove, and the depth provided to objects by layers of mats and foamboard.

Quality custom framing differs dramatically from putting something inside a standard size drab colored, off-the-shelf big-box retail store frame. There is an old adage that states: “You get what you pay for.” Our customers recognize the value associated with the high quality of our custom work. These customers are willing to pay a premium for custom picture framing and shadow boxes that artfully showcase and preserve their objects, guidons, flags, medals, diplomas, and other military memorabilia. The issue of price versus quality is addressed on our page titled “Defining Framed Guidon Quality and Design.” For this reason, the high quality, self-imposed framing standards, and conservation framing techniques we employ have gained us a wide custom framing customer base.

Framed Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas

The framed awards, certificates, and diplomas that we frame range in complexity from a simple framed diploma to a shadow box with objects surrounding the diploma or certificate. Please click here to learn more about the custom framing we perform for awards, certificates, and diplomas.

Framed Battalion Colors

Custom framed battalion colors offer incredible framing options. One of the most popular framing options for Battalion colors involves placing the Battalion colors in the center of the frame. It is surrounded by miniature guidons from different units. In addition, coins and a nameplate commemorating an event are placed beneath the guidon colors.

Framed Cigar Labels

We stock and frame a number of original antique cigar labels with military themes. Framed cigar labels are prized by commanders and collectors. Many of the cigar labels we frame were presented as gifts. Cigar labels can be framed with simple frames, or they can be ornately framed using gold-toned frames with gold-toned fillets and acid-free suede mats. We have a large selection of military theme-related cigar labels listed on our sister site Cindy’s Custom Framing & Antique Art.

Framed Flags And Display Cases

We frame flags in both custom shadow boxes and in flag display cases. We also offer acrylic display cases for large objects and weapons. Please follow this link to see examples of custom flag display cases we have designed and built. The examples of flag display cases in this section only represent a small selection of custom framing options available for display cases.

Framed Guidons

The e-commerce store offers a number of framing options for our standard guidon designs. The custom guidon section includes guidons framed with a number of military objects, photographs, medals, and other memorabilia. Click here to see examples of custom framed guidons.

Military Prints and Photos

We frame military prints and photos using a number of framing style options. These options include our most popular frames and mat combinations with coins, photos, and military memorabilia. Limited edition military art prints are also framed by placing designated unit insignia, patches, coins, nameplates and mementos beneath the print. For more information on framed military prints and photos please click here.

Custom Military Shadow Box Frames With Memorabilia

Looking for military shadow box ideas? Framing military shadow boxes make up a large part of our custom framing business. Custom military shadow boxes and display cases encompass a wide variety of subject material and objects. For more information about how we custom frame military shadow boxes, please to go our military shadow box framing page.

What We Custom Frame: A Resume of Completed Custom Framing Projects

Assembling Custom Frames With Metal Corner Caps

One of our most popular military custom frames receives corner caps

Our experience as custom picture framers is represented by the expanded list of projects we have framed. Below is a summary of military framing projects we have completed with custom frames.

  • Army Medals: Framed in shadow boxes and framed with certificates
  • Army Picture Frames For Simple Subjects: framed photographs and military documents
  • Army Retirement Gifts: framed flags, guidons, retirement certificates, shadow boxes with memorabilia, and military art
  • Black Picture Frames: we stock a number black picture frame profiles that are suitable for rush military framing orders. Got a rush military picture frame order? Contact us about local pickup.
  • Custom Military Shadowbox: see our Shadow Box section for more examples of custom frames incorporated into shadow boxes
  • Deployment Gifts: photos, shadow boxes, display cases, guidons, and military art
  • Diploma Frames: diplomas framed with coins, rank pins, tabs, insignia, tabs, patches, and more
  • Display Boxes: flags, mementos, medals, certificates, rank pins, crests, badges, coins, swords, spurs, and more
  • Flag Display Cases: flags in display cases from small flags up to large burial flags, with medals, personal items, ribbons, small photographs, and designated unit insignia
  • Framed American Flag: flags framed in a custom shadow box, with medals, coins, photos, insignia, badges, and mementos
  • Framed Art: etchings, watercolors, oil paintings, pen-and-ink, original military art, and more
  • Framed Art Prints: limited edition prints, open run prints, and posters
  • Framed Guidon: see our online catalog and the examples of completed projects on the guidon page
  • Framed Pictures: ceremonial pictures, informal photos, deployment photos, active duty photos, photos of equipment in use, family photos, and vacation photos
  • Framed Prints: we offer a printing service for our customers. We custom print photos for our customers to include in their shadow boxes, display cases, and with awards, certificates, and other military memorabilia
  • Frames For Paintings: we frame oil paintings in our ready-made frames and in custom frames
  • Frames Online: see our e-commerce store and examples of our completed projects; we offer custom framing through our frame shop. However, we will gladly custom frame orders generated from inquiries on our website. Contact us for more at 912-756-2781 or for details.
  • Gifts For Soldiers: we have framed for formal and informal occasions. We have custom framed guidons, custom shadow boxes, framed prints, framed awards, certificates, photos, nautical charts, and mementos
  • Large Shadow Box: we have framed some large sports memorabilia pieces, uniform jackets, coats, shirts, swords, and equipment, and even part of a football stadium seat!
  • Marine Corps Shadow Box: Marine Corps military memorabilia, marine guidons, flags, medals, ribbons, photographs, and more
  • Military Art: prints of local interest, limited edition prints for local units, open edition prints, and original military art
  • Military Awards: diplomas and certificates framed with unit crests, coins, insignia, rank pins, and special forces tabs
  • Military Coins: we frame unit coins and commemorative coins in custom shadow boxes, framed guidons, with military prints, with awards, and in display cases with other military memorabilia
  • Military Display Case: we frame flags, coins, insignia, rank pins, dog tags, photos, and mementos inside military display cases
  • Military Flags: we custom frame battalion colors, guidons, and branch service flags in shadow boxes, and in custom picture frames with military mementos
  • Military Gifts: framed cigar labels, art, limited edition prints, local art
  • Military Medals: these are framed with certificates, coins, rank pins, insignia, often placed in shadow boxes, in flag displays, and with guidons
  • Military Maps: maps of previous deployments, antique maps, Civil War Maps, Revolutionary War Maps, old city maps, and reproduction maps
  • Military Prints: limited edition prints of the Civil War, Indian Wars, WWI prints, WWII prints, and modern conflicts
  • Military Retirement Shadow Box: see examples on the shadow box page
  • Military Recruiting Posters: Rock of the Marne original Army poster, WWI and WWII Poster reproductions, and modern recruiting posters
  • Military Ribbons: framed with a certificate, in shadow boxes, guidon frames, flag display cases, and with military prints
  • Military Shadow Box: see examples of military shadow boxes in our shadow box section
  • Navy Retirement Gifts: shadow boxes, flag displays, navy prints, and photographs
  • Navy Shadow Box: navy photos, rank pins, insignia, medals, ribbons,
  • Ornate Picture Frames: these include cigar labels framed with fillets, and oil paintings
  • Painting Frames: we offer a selection of oil paintings with frames
  • Rustic Frames: barn wood frames used for old maps, nautical charts, and other maps
  • Shadow Box: see our shadow box example page
  • Shadow Box Frame: see some of the examples of completed projects using a shadow box frame
  • Shadow Box Military: mementos, memorabilia, flags, guidons, medals and awards, coins, and insignia
  • Shadow Box Picture Frames: see our page on shadow box examples
  • Shadow Boxes: military and civilian framing projects, sports memorabilia, clothing, flags, and more
  • US Military Medals: framed with flags, guidons, military prints, display cases, flag displays, and shadow boxes
  • Vintage Style Picture Frames: often used to frame antique military art
  • Wood Frames with metal corner caps are frequently used for guidon frames
  • Wood Picture Frames: we do not use plastic or composite frames. All wood picture frames are used for shadow boxes, military prints, and framing art

Military Gift Giving Ideas Using Custom Picture Framing

Looking for military gifts? Listed below are a number of occasions for giving military gifts. We have matched some military gift-giving occasions with the custom framing services and products we offer.

  • Military Retirement Gifts: framed shadow boxes that include, medals, rank pins, awards, commendations, photos, awards, and certificates, military art with coins and insignia
  • Promotions: Framing rank pins with a Certificate of Promotion
  • Change Of Command: Framing shadow boxes, guidons, unit photos, cigar labels, battalion colors, guidons, and memorabilia from the command
  • Deployment Gifts: Framed family portraits
  • Father’s Day: Framed family portraits, maps, nautical charts, shadow boxes, awards, certificates
  • Military Going Away Gifts: Framed art or collages from the area, guidons, shadow boxes, limited edition prints
  • Wedding Photos: military weddings, wedding portraits, engagement photos, and receptions
  • Baby Photos: from simple amateur photos to studio portraits
  • Return from Deployment: guidons flown, flags flown, unit photos, medals, coins, commendations, insignia, uniform patches, crests, deployment, and souvenirs
  • House Warming Gifts: framed art, framed paintings, maps, nautical charts, guidons, flags, shadow boxes
  • Gifts For Appreciation: shadow boxes, framed art, certificates, guidons, and commendations
  • Birthdays: framed mementos, sports memorabilia, classic LP records with album jackets, souvenirs, maps, nautical charts, military prints, military photos, and shadow boxes
  • Anniversary: family portraits, framed photos, framed diplomas, framed awards
  • Home Décor: maps, oil paintings, nautical charts, local art, military prints, limited edition art
  • Farewell Gifts: guidons, shadow boxes, coins, unit photos, battalion colors
  • PCS (Permanent Change Of Station) Gifts: guidons, shadow boxes, coins, unit photos, battalion colors

Contact us with your questions at 912-756-2781 or use our contact form. We look forward to providing you with custom frames for your projects.