Gallery – Custom Framed Military Medals and Ribbons

Framed Military Medals and Ribbons – Custom Framed Examples

The examples of custom framed military medals and ribbons in this gallery offer a starting point for designing a custom display case or a custom shadow box for military medals and ribbons. The framed examples of ribbons and medals in this section represent military achievements that embody the characteristics of honor and duty to country. Receiving a military medal is an outward recognition of performing more than what is expected. We encourage you to look at the examples of custom framed military medals and ribbons in this gallery and use them as a design guide for framing.

We Can Modify Any Of The Designs Shown In This Gallery

If there is an example of a shadow box or display case in this gallery containing military medals or ribbons you wish to have customized, please contact us. We will modify any of these designs to suit your requirements.

A Summary For The Military Medals and Ribbons Illustrated Above

Thank you for visiting our Gallery Of Custom Framed Military Medals And Ribbons. The custom framed shadow box and display case examples for ribbons and military medals were created primarily for active duty and retired military personnel.

The most common designs for displaying framed military medals and ribbons involve shadow boxes or deep frames. We also frame military medals and ribbons using a dark brown wood frame with metal corner caps. Some the framed military medals and ribbons designs on this page are simple. These involve framing only the award or citation with the medal or ribbon. In more complex framed military medal and ribbon designs, additional ribbons, medals, uniform patches, distinctive unit insignias, badges, nameplates, and military mementos are included in a complex shadow box or medal display case. The more complicated shadow box designs for medals and ribbons frequently include a flag. The flag is in addition to military mementos such as photographs, insignias, patches, nameplates, and objects associated with the time and place that resulted in the award of the medal. In some instances, items placed with the medal are military mementos that reflect a deep attachment to the soldiers and officers who served together. Finally and most importantly, the military medals and ribbons framed in this gallery represent the dedication of American soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines to go beyond what is expected of them in the performance of their duty.

Framed Military Medals and Ribbons – Customized Framing Designs

A number of factors influence the design for military medal and ribbon frames. Some of these factors include: mat colors, the colors of the objects, the award/certificate/citation color, the medal’s color, the ribbon’s color, photograph sizes, flag or guidon sizes, and the number of objects framed. Colors used in the designs for the framed medals and ribbons in this section involve color coordination between objects (medals, ribbons, and the citation/award document) and mats to achieve an artistic design.

Examples of Framed Military Medals and Ribbons – Shadow Box Size Variations

Throughout the gallery of Custom Framed Military Medals and Ribbons, we reveal a diverse collection of designs illustrating framed military medals and ribbons. The examples in this gallery include objects (patches, insignias, crests, awards, citations, etc.) framed with the medal. The number of objects included in a typical medal and ribbon frame largely depends on the purpose of the display. Many of the examples in this section only include one medal with the citation/award. A single framed medal is often used for display purposes at home. In other situations, medals and ribbons are combined with a number of military mementos to create a military retirement shadow box. We have also framed medals and ribbons posthumously for a veteran’s son or daughter. This is often done in order for the children to commemorate their parent’s role in the military.  Including a flag in the display case with medals, ribbons, insignia, rank pins, and photographs increases the shadow box’s size. We believe a much better job can be done by custom framing medals and ribbons with a veteran’s memorabilia, as opposed to simply putting the items inside a ready-made hinged display case.

Smaller Framed Military Medal and Ribbon Display Examples

This gallery also features a number of small medal and ribbon display case examples. As mentioned above, the smaller display cases typically have a medal and a citation/award together in the frame.

Larger Framed Military Medal and Ribbon Display Examples

Examples of larger shadow boxes for medals and ribbons reflect a service member’s sense of honor and duty. Adding items to the shadow box such as insignias, patches, challenge coins, photographs, distinctive unit insignias, and custom engraved nameplates often tell a story of a dedicated military career. Examples of the larger shadow boxes for medals and ribbons in this section primarily reflect shadow boxes created for veterans upon their retirement.

Mat Colors Vary With A Shadow Box’s Design Objectives

What colors go well with framed military medals and ribbons? If the frame is for a bronze star medal, the most common top mat colors are either red or royal blue. A red or royal blue mat matches the red or blue in the bronze star’s ribbon. In other cases, the top mat is off-white. The off-white color matches the award or the citation framed with the medal. If the design is for a shadow box, the mat colors are influenced by the colors of the objects framed with the medals and ribbons.

Examples of Textured Mats with Framed Military Medals and Ribbons

Using textured mats when framing ribbons and military medals will visually enhance the shadow box’s design. Textured mats are often the preferred choice by our customers. Examples in this section reveal our customers’ preference for texture in both large and small frames. Silken and linen mats simulate the texture of the fabric used for ribbons. Silken mats are also a popular choice when framing a flag with a medal. For larger shadow boxes a black suede mat is the most popular.

Secondary Mat Color Considerations When Framing Military Medals and Ribbons

Typically, the second mat (or more often the middle mat) used to frame medals will match the secondary color for the medal.

Examples Provide A Starting Point For Designing A Custom Military Medal Display Case

The framed military medals and ribbons illustrated in this gallery range in size from a single medal to very large retirement shadow boxes. The largest shadow box we have created was a retirement shadow box for ribbons, medals, pins, patches, nameplate, soldier’s photograph, flag, and retirement certificate was 36 inches wide x 51 inches tall.

Need ideas for framing medals and ribbons? Here are just a few suggestions based on the examples in this section:

  • Create a medal and ribbon shadow box to honor a veteran’s military service
  • Use a medal and ribbon display case to provide a gift of gratitude
  • Medals and ribbons display cases make great gifts for a family member
  • Use a collection of framed medals and ribbons to create a memorable retirement gift
  • Use a custom medal display case to honor a fellow service member’s contribution
  • Create a shadow box that commemorates your service, or a family member’s service, to our country as an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations
  • Creating a medal display case or a shadow box is a proper way to display a citation/award with the medal and preserve them against damage

We hope the examples in this section offer ideas for custom framing military medals and ribbons. All of the design examples in this section can be easily modified. If you wish to have additional or larger objects framed with medals, we can create an artistic design that not only displays your items, but protects and preserves them as family heirlooms.

Contact us with any questions you may have about the examples, or request a quote for a similar project’s pricing. Contact us by phone (912-756-2781) or use our contact form.