Gallery – Custom Flag Display Case Examples

Flag Display Case Examples – Completed Custom Framing Examples

The custom framed flag display case examples in this gallery provide a starting point for designing a custom flag display. Many of the framed examples in this section were flown in the face of the enemy. These flags were flown aboard military aircraft, carried on military missions, and flown at military posts. There are also examples of custom framed nontraditional flags in this section, too. We encourage you to look at the flag display case designs in this section for ideas about custom flag framing.

We Can Modify Any Of The Flag Display Case Examples

If there is an example of a flag display case design on this page you wish to have customized, please contact us. We commonly modify the custom flag display case designs in this section to meet our customers’ requirements. If you need large objects framed with a flag, we can build a shadow box to accommodate larger objects.

A Summary of The Flag Display Case Examples Above

Designing and building custom flag display cases is one of our core business activities. We thank you for visiting our gallery of completed custom flag display cases. The custom framed flag case designs in this section were created for both military and civilian customers. Some of the flags were framed for patriotic citizens who received flags flown in the face of the enemy. Some of the flags were framed by staff members who presented the custom framed flag to their commander as an expression of gratitude. Other examples on this page include custom framed flags for active duty military personnel who gave a framed flag away as a PCS gift. Examples on this page also include framed flags presented as military retirement gifts.

Flag display cases can also be classified as hybrid shadow boxes. Some of the framed flag examples in this gallery involve very simple designs. The most common design is a flag framed with a certificate attesting to the date and place the flag was flown. Other flag display case examples are more complex; these represent a shadow box. The complex designs include military display cases with a flag and military mementos such as photographs, medals, insignia, patches, nameplates, and objects associated with the time and place the flag was flown. Typically, the items placed within the flag case are mementos that provide a deep attachment to the soldiers and officers who served together. Finally and most importantly, the flag examples framed in this section represent an American symbol that is being honorably preserved for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. In some cases, these flags were flown during military operations where Americans paid the ultimate sacrifice with their life for a cause or a mission they believed in.

Framed Flag Display Case Examples – Customized Flag Framing Designs

A number of factors influence flag framing designs. Some of these factors include; mat colors, the colors of the objects, the certificate color, the size of the flag, the number of objects framed with the flag, and whether photographs are included with the flag. Colors used in the designs for the framed flags in this section involve color coordination between objects (flags and military memorabilia) and mats to achieve an artistic design.

Examples of Framed Flags – Design Size Variations

Throughout the gallery of Framed Flag Display Examples, we reveal a diverse collection of framed flag designs. The examples in this gallery include objects (medals, patches, insignias, crests, etc.) framed with flags. The number of objects included in a typical flag display case largely depends on the purpose of the display. In many of the examples in this section, there is only one item with the flag—the certificate. Typically, the purpose of this frame design is for a gift. Often, someone receiving a flag flown in the face of the enemy will simply frame the flag with a certificate. In this case, the person framing the flag is usually a civilian. So, the flag is not framed with military memorabilia. On the other hand, if the purpose of the framed flag is for a retirement gift, a PCS gift, or as an expression of gratitude to a fellow soldier/sailor, then the display will contain items and a nameplate related to a deployment or a command. For the flag cases that are framed for a veteran such as by a son or daughter, a large burial flag is often included in the display case with medals, ribbons, insignia, rank pins, and photographs. We believe a much better presentation can be achieved by custom framing burial flags with a veteran’s memorabilia, as opposed to simply putting the flag and items inside a ready-made hinged display case.

Smaller Flag Display Case Examples

This gallery also features a number of small flag display case examples. As mentioned above, the smaller flag display cases typically have the flag and a document certifying the date and place the flag was flown on a military mission, or above a military base. Generally, there is no memorabilia included in the frame if these flags are presented to a civilian. Although civilian customers generally do not place items within the frame, we have included military items upon request.

Larger Framed Flag Display Case Examples

Examples of larger flag display cases reflect a soldier’s/sailor’s sense of honor and duty. Adding items to the display case such as medals, ribbons, insignias, patches, challenge coins, photographs, distinctive unit insignias, and custom engraved nameplates often tell a story of a dedicated military career. Examples of larger flag display cases in this section primarily reflect display cases created for veterans upon their retirement.

Example of Framed Nontraditional Flags

Flags provide meaning and symbolism. Custom embroidered nontraditional flags representative of a command are often framed and presented as a gift. These custom embroidered nontraditional flags are usually based on a military emblem or a patriotic symbol. Examples in this section reveal these custom flags are framed with objects such as; unit patches, challenge coins, unit crests, and custom nameplates. Many of these custom flags are framed similar to the way we frame custom guidons. The examples of nontraditional flags in this section represent a starting point for custom flag case designs. Every design in this section can be modified, even for custom embroidered flags.

Mat Colors Vary With Flag Display Case Design Objectives

What colors go well with a framed flag? The most common top mat color is Navy blue—when framing the American flag. Navy blue matches the blue in the flag. For custom embroidered flags with a nontraditional design, mat colors are used that match the colors of the flag. There are examples of framed nontraditional flags with different mat colors throughout this gallery.

Examples of Textured Mats With Framed Flags

Using textured mats when framing flags visually enhances the flag display case’s design. Textured mats are often the preferred choice by our customers. Examples in this section reveal our customers’ preference for texture in both large and small frames. Silken and linen mats simulate the texture of a flag. So when a flag is framed with a silken or linen mat, it shows as cloth covering the mat. The most common color/texture association you’ll see in this gallery is the similarity between a textured Navy blue top mat and the blue in the American flag. For the custom embroidered nontraditional flag examples in this section, you will see examples of silken or linen mats matching the predominant color in the flag.

Secondary Mat Color Considerations When Framing Flags

Typically, the second mat (or more often the middle mat) used to frame American flags will be a red mat. If a nontraditional flag is being framed, the second mat’s (or more often the middle mat) color will match the secondary color in the flag.

Changing The Priority Of Importance In A Flag Display Case

At times, the objects framed with a flag may be deemed significant enough to warrant their primary consideration in the design. In other words, the customer wants something in the frame to get your attention instead of the flag. If this is the case, a different color scheme is employed. Mat colors will be used to influence the eyes in an effort to direct attention toward the most important object in the frame. Another way this is done is by the use of an open V-groove. Examples in this section show how the open V-groove permits the color from the second mat to be revealed. The strategy breaks the static design of a solid mat. This effectively creates balance and provides symmetry. It also provides color separation between the frame and the objects inside the frame.

Examples Provide A Starting Point For Designing A Custom Flag Display Case

The flag display case design examples in this gallery range in size from small framed flags to very large flags. The largest flag we have framed is an American flag that measures 5’ x 3’ in size. It was framed unfolded in the vertical position. It was so large that it had to be covered with 99% UV-protective acrylic because glass would have been too heavy.

Need ideas for framing a flag? Here are just a few suggestions based on the examples in this section:

  • Create a flag display case for honoring a veteran’s service to America
  • A flag display case can provide a tribute as part of a change of command
  • Create a shadowbox/flag display that commemorates a military career
  • Use a flag display to provide a gift of gratitude
  • Flag display cases make great PCS gifts
  • Create a memorable retirement gift with a custom flag display case
  • Use a custom flag display case to honor a fellow soldier’s/sailor’s contribution
  • Create a flag display case that commemorates your service, or a family member’s service, to the country as an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations

We hope the examples in this section offer insights into custom flag framing ideas. All of the design examples in this section can be easily modified. If you wish to have additional or larger objects framed with a flag, we can accommodate those designs as well by creating a shadow box.

Contact us with any questions you may have about the examples, or request a quote for a similar project’s pricing. Contact us by phone (912-756-2781) or use our contact form.